Tradition is a lantern. The foolish hold on to it, the clever allow it to lead the way.

From one generation to the next we have and will pass the lantern on in our winery, so that everything stays in a constant state of flux, just as in nature. For us tradition means to do things a little better then before, to continuously strive for improvement, which was always the foundation for our success.This does not mean progress at all costs. But the old ways must not be preserved for their own sake, when the new is maybe better. And what the best way is, only experience will show.

Today the family company is run with great success by the third and forth generation. Holger and Burkhard Wasem oversee the winery and their wives Karina and Ilona are in charge of the gastronomy and the hotel. The children Julius and Phillip, both gained degrees in viniculture and economy, are beginning to bring their own ideas into the family winery. The third son, Gerhard, a business graduate for hotel and service management, is also part of the team. The daughters Marie Louise and Julia are at school and on the best track for their training and education.